Booking Confirmation

To maintain your limo reservation we need your credit card information. The information collected will only be used to confirm your identity upon pick-up. You can pay with a different method if you wish. We will not charge your credit card prior to your scheduled booking. A confirmation text message or email will be sent after speaking to our agent to verify your booking.


Payment must be made upfront upon pick-up in the amount stated as per the quotation in any of our approved methods – cash, debit, MasterCard, Visa.

5% tax will be added on top of the sub-total as well as any applicable fees (ie: airport parking). You will be notified of any extra fees within the quotation but Fabulous Limousines reserves the right to modify the fees according to any additional services requested at pick-up.

If unforeseen fees are required during service that are beyond the guest’s control, the guest will not be charged extra. 15% gratuity is added to the bill and any additional gratuity is greatly appreciated.


Please give us at least 24 hour advance notice if you intend to cancel or re-schedule a normal booking to avoid potential full charge penalties. Reservations that require special preparation (ie: weddings) require at least 1 month notice or the renter may be subject to full charge. Same day reservations cannot be cancelled and guests may be subject to full charge.

Our limos are in high demand and it is only fair to our other customers that they can get their desired booking time if you are unable to keep your appointment. We do not want to do this so please be considerate when making reservations. Exceptions can be made for extreme circumstances.

Parental Consent

For parties under the age of 18, we require a parent or legal guardian to sign a consent form signifying the renting party is in agreement with Fabulous Limousines’s policies as outlined on this page.

Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of alcohol inside any motor vehicle is illegal in BC (Section 44(1) Liquor Control Act of BC) and we fully intend to abide by it. Please adhere to this law for your own safety and limousine ride enjoyment. If any passenger, regardless of age, is found drinking alcohol inside the limousine, the driver will immediately cease service and no refunds will be issued. We reserve the right to contact the appropriate authorities.

Smoking & Drugs

Guests are not allowed to smoke or do other recreational drugs while inside the limousine. Not only is it unsafe due to fire hazards, the fumes and odour create a very unpleasant environment for the driver and other guests. If you must smoke, please inform the driver and he/she will pull over to escort you outside where it is safe to do so.

Vehicle Damage

Guests must not damage the interior or exterior of our limos in any way. In the event of vehicle damage caused by the guest’s party, the credit card provided for the reservation will be charged an amount appropriate to repair the damage.

Lost or Damaged Personal Belongings

Guests are responsible for their own belongings that they bring onboard the vehicle. The driver will remind guests to secure all their personal belongings as objects my move around while the vehicle is in motion. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items during the booking. Delivery of lost items to the customer can be arranged upon request, but we reserve the right to charge a travel fee.

Privacy Policy

By submitting any forms on this website you agree to allow Fabulous Limousines to contact you regarding the content of your submission. All information provided verbally or in writing either via the instant quote form or feedback form is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent.

By filling out the testimonial submission, you agree that we have permission to publish your testimonial, first name and any uploaded photos on our website. Fabulous Limousines will not publish any part of your submission on any social media channel without first asking for your consent. If you wish to have your testimonial removed from our website, please email with the details of your testimonial.

Fabulous Limousines reserves the right to keep your booking record on file for a maximum of 1 year to comply with Canadian Limousine Association regulations. Information will not be shared with any third party unless legally obliged by local or government authorities.