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Port Coquitlam, or “Poco” as the locals call it, has lots to offer for the whole family and our Port Coquitlam limousine service delivers it all.

Park and nature fans will be delighted to check out the Traboulay Poco Trail, as well as Colony Farm Park and Peace Park for quality photoshoot Kodak moments.

Smiles look so much brighter when next to our fabulous SUV limo or party bus!

Port Coquitlam Limousine Service

Higher elevation in the Coquitlam area means more likelihood of snow in the winter months -but that makes snowbound getaways for the whole family a much cheaper (and closer) alternative to ski trips!

While we love Whistler and all the snow-filled attractions, we know Port Coquitlam residents are smart with their spending and saving a buck here and there can go a long way.

Rest easy knowing our limo service is very affordable and will fit in even the tightest of budgets.

Live show lovers be sure to stop by The Giggle Dam Dinner Theater to enjoy some classic theater comedy to go along with a fine meal.

You could then pull up in a sleek limo at Cat & Fiddle Pub to impress the crowd and maybe even score a few phone numbers! Our Port Coquitlam limos are perfect for a fun night out.

Book our SUV limo and have yourselves a true party on wheels.

About Port Coquitlam Limousine Services

Port Coquitlam has lots to provide for the entire household and our Port Coquitlam limousine services is a perfect fit. Park and nature fans will be thrilled to have a look at the Traboulay Poco Trail, in addition to Colony Farm Park and Peace Park for quality photoshoot Kodak minutes.

When next to our incredible SUV limousine or celebration bus, smiles look so much brighter!

Greater elevation in the Coquitlam location implies higher liklihood of snow in the cold weather -however that makes snowbound trips for the entire household a more affordable (and closer) alternative to ski journeys!

While we enjoy Whistler and all the snow-filled destinations, we understand Port Coquitlam citizens are clever with their spending and conserving a dollar occasionally can go a long method. Rest simple understanding our limousine service is really budget friendly and will suit even the tightest of spending plans.

Proof of Coquitlam’s heritage, which can be traced back centuries, is discovered throughout this seaside city, situated a brief 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver and 20 minutes from the U.S. border.

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The location’s earliest recorded locals, the Coast Salish, are credited with the name Coquitlam, which equates to ‘little red fish’, the bounty by which the Salish endured.

Waves of immigrants started showing up in the late 1800s and in 1909, a huge settlement of French Canadians made their method to Coquitlam to take part in the growing lumber market. Explore Poco with our Port Coquitlam Limousine service for your next night out.

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