Thanksgiving Limousine Rental Richmond

Time To Let Loose For The Weekend

After a long week in class or at the office the weekend is here and you need to recharge that tired body. Why not gather your crew and enjoy a night out limo to that fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try?

Check out the hottest venues in Vancouver, take a scenic trip to Victoria, or just hang out with your buddies over a nice meal. Fabulous Limousines offers the perfect way to spice up your night!

Night Out Limo

No matter where your plans take you, we’ll make sure you get there quickly, safely, and feeling like a star. You’ll forget all about the unread emails and that endless “to do” list.

Night Out Limo

​Tonight is all about having a good time so let us start your weekend off right!

We guarantee a hassle free experience and our chauffeurs are top-notch. They know all the best spots, even the hidden gems. All you have to do is enjoy the comfy night out limo ride with our various limousine types. We take Friday nights to the next level!

Taking You To Mouth Watering Goodness

It’s too bad we can’t join you in sampling those delicious dishes but we can sure get your group to the door and front of the VIP line in elegant style.

Who else gets to step out of an extravagant limousine with the door held open?Obviously our boss, that’s you. We treat you like royalty!

Wedding Limo

And if you fancy your drinks, go for it since our drivers have your ride home covered. Although we kindly remind you it is illegal to consume alcohol inside a limousine, but you already knew that right?

We wouldn’t want you wasted on the way home because the ride back is half the fun!

Take your foodie friends out tonight and pull up in style at one of Vancouver’s culinary gems – we know tons in case you’re stuck for ideas.

Our limo is the mashed potatoes to your dinner’s steak. A delicious compliment for your fine dining and night out plans.

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