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The Hope Limousine branch of Fabulous Limo has been providing first class limo services to Hope and the surrounding region for years.

Our fleet of luxury limousines, Sedans, SUVs and Limo buses, guarantee that you will travel in comfort and elegance, no matter what the occasion is. Our exceptional chauffeurs are always on time, polite, and ready to serve.

With lots of sights and activities near by, Hope is a traveler’s paradise. From Hope visitors they can look upon amazing sights such as imposing Rocky Mountain peaks, the majestic Fraser River, remote wilderness valleys and numerous lakes and streams as well as historic areas.

Hope Limousine Service

Our traditional Limo Service has trip plans to capture all of that and you will leave with tons of Instagram-worthy photos!

Movie fans will rejoice upon visiting the famous shooting area for Hollywood’s legendary Ranbo series. It was here where the iconic character was born.

We encourage you to participate in at least one of the various self directed “First Blood” shooting tours offered at the Hope Visitor Centre & Museum Complex.

You can also find Rambo souvenir shops among other unique stores along the city streets. Other well-known films made in Hope include “Fire With Fire”, “Shoot to Eliminate” and “Hope Springs”.

Let us plan the perfect Hope Limousine tour for you today!

About Hope Limousine Service

We also provide transportation service to Hope Golf Course

Memorial Park and Friendship Garden

Immediately adjacent to the District Hall in Hope is a Japanese garden called the Friendship Garden, dedicated to the Japanese-Canadians who were interned nearby during World War II.

Whistler Limousine Service

It was built by local Japanese-Canadians, and presented to Hope on 27 July 1991. Men from that camp were employed during the war building the Hope-Princeton Highway.

Come visit this and other historic attractions on our Hope Limousine tour.

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