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We want you to make the most informed decision when it comes to your limousine rental so we’ve compiled a list of common questions our customers ask and we feel you should be aware of them.

As we receive more common questions we will post them here for your reference. Individual and/or specific questions will be answered privately via phone or email to maintain privacy.

​If you have any inquiries relating to our service or the limousine industry in general please submit them here. We answer pretty quickly so check back regularly!

What is the difference between limousine companies and why are some more expensive than others?

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Renting a limo for a night out or for your wedding is a luxurious experience, like selecting a 5 star hotel or restaurant. If your base your choice solely on price you run the risk of compromising service and vehicle quality.

On the flip side, if you book only the most expensive company in town, you are not guaranteed the highest level of satisfaction either so we encourage all potential customers to do some due diligence when selecting your limo service.

What red flags should I be looking for when choosing a quality limousine?

When possible ask to see the limo ahead of time to get a sense of how the vehicle is maintained. Pay closer attention to the following:

  • The year and model
  • Electronic features functioning (AC, stereo, TV, etc.)
  • Exterior & interior lights
  • Damaged exterior (dents, scratches)
  • Dirty interior, exterior, rims
  • Odours
  • Missing or chipped glassware
  • Valid vehicle insurance

How do I know if I am getting good service or not?

Similar to eating at a restaurant, service is about how the staff make you feel. In the case of limos service is primarily from the chauffeur. Instant deal breakers are when the driver arrives late, or in a different vehicle than promised, or even not show up at all.

During the ride, the driver should keep you entertained and show that he is enjoying his job. He should always open doors for you and be courteous at all times.

An unfortunate truth to companies that charge much lower than market rates is that drivers are often underpaid and unhappy which leads to poor service and an overall bad experience.

Even simple things like the attitude of the booking staff over the phone is important to quality limo service.

Why is alcohol consumption prohibited by limo passengers?

The Passenger Transportation Board regulates taxis and limousine services. They set the licensing requirements, hourly rates, and other safety compliance standards that all limo companies in BC have to abide by.

The regulation that prohibits alcohol consumption by passengers arose from BC’s Liquor Control and Licensing Act, the primary concern being safety. We are not lawyers nor claim to be able to interpret these laws but our understanding is that inebriated passengers are at risk of injury inside a moving limo due to lack of seat belts.

Also, not all customers receive ID verification upon pick-up (only the person booking gets checked) so we are unable to prevent alcohol consumption by minors. Therefore it is safer to simply not allow alcohol in the vehicle.