Luxury Limo For Wedding Richmond

We Are The Corporate Limo VIP Experts

The level of care and service we give to you, you can be sure we’ll provide the same to your corporate executives, fellow staff, and valued clients.

We want you beaming with pride that you are offering Vancouver’s finest corporate limo service to your honored guests for any occasion.

You can trust Fabulous Limousines with all your corporate events knowing that we understand the importance of your professional image.

Corporate & Executive Limo

We won’t let you down. We are your limo of choice for holiday parties, conferences, fundraisers and more!

Our selection of executive sedans and SUVs provide unrivaled elegance and our chauffeurs are always on the ball.

They are versed in international culture and will act accordingly to please your foreign guests.

Corporate & Executive Limo

Even if you have a meeting with the Premier, we’ve got your back. We specialize in staying calm, cool, and collected in all situations even if you aren’t.


Image is important when it comes to business. Whether you’re a big business or just trying to grow your image – we give your business confidence to make the right impression.

If you have clients, VIPs, conference groups, delegates or executives visiting, let us pick them up from the airport or chauffeur them around.

Wedding Limo

We will transport them in our finest vehicles and ensure that they have an exceptional experience with our corporate limos.

If your business is not based locally but you have staff visiting Vancouver, we can ensure that your team arrives safely to their destination relaxed, refreshed and ready.

A ride with us will be quiet and comfortable- perfect for getting some last minute work done before a flight or meeting.

Whatever your needs, our corporate limo service will provide you with quality,  that will exceed every expectation.

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