Squamish Limousine Concert Limo

Way To Rock Out!

What’s better than seeing live performances of your favourite artists? Arriving the same way they did of course. Rock stars travel glamorously, you can share that luxury with our fabulous concert limo service.

Concert Limo Service

Plus you don’t have to worry about traffic and expensive downtown parking.

On the road, take full advantage of our state-of-the-art sound system and HDTV to get yourself all psyched up for the awesome show. Vancouver’s music scene is full of talent. Your eyes and ears are in for a treat!

Concert Limo Service

After the show, you can beat the crowd by hopping in and we’ll take you home. Want to check out the club for the amazing after party?

​No problem we can do that too. Let us take care of the small details and focus the big things, like the crazy light show and frenzy-inducing beat.

Make your next concert night one to remember with professional concert limo services from Fabulous Limousines. We’ll rock your world!


Fabulous Vancouver limo provides reliable transport to and from the concert venue. We offer a variety of luxury limos for your trip to the concert. We have the stretch limo which is a classic for groups small than 8, or you may want to select our popular Stretch SUV.

You won’t go wrong no matter which vehicle you choose.


Besides leather seats, the windows are tinted and you have your own privacy for some solo singing & dancing action. Also feel free to drink at the concert since you won’t be driving.

The great thing about going to a concert with Fabulous Limousine Vancouver is that we cater to all age groups to provide a true red-carpet VIP experience.

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The vehicle we recommend for concerts is the Stretch SUV. These spacious SUVs are mind-blowing both inside and out. The sound system is just other-worldly.

Contact Fabulous Limousine Vancouver 24/7 and book the concert trip of a lifetime.

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