Chilliwack isn’t exactly known for 5-star hotels and exquisite culinary excellence – we know that. But we still receive tons of Chilliwack limousine bookings each year.

Now how could that be you ask? Because Chilliwack has lots to offer in terms of outdoor activities.

The Bridal Veil Falls, Vedder River Trail, and Cultus Lake are just a few stops on an expansive list of popular outdoor attractions.

Chilliwack Limousine Service

Corporate barbecues, charity soccer matches, honeymoon getaways, scenic tours, grad photos, it all happens in Chilliwack.

Fabulous Limousines is proud to bring you an authentic Chilliwack limousine service experience.

And for the record, the burgers served at some of the local pubs can give high end restaurants a run for their money!

About Chilliwack Limousine Service

You deserve a treat after a tiresome week and a limo trip to the valley is the perfect way to relax! Our Chilliwack Limo Service provides the ultimate package of value, luxury, and safety.

Our fleet of gorgeous limos has everything you need, from soft drinks, water, TVs, dance lights, to surround sound speakers that simply blow you away with our luxury vehicles.

Chilliwack is a lively city with lots of culture and exploration. Whether it’s the corn maze, Trade Exhibition, Cultus Lake, or just a Friday night pub crawl, the city of Chilliwack will keep you on your toes.

Naturally, that means our Chilliwack Limos will keep you on the move. Lose the driving stress and don’t even think about parking.

Stretch Limousine

Let your personal chauffeur give you a smooth ride. Remember, you’re the star tonight and we wouldn’t dream of delivering anything less.

Parents are relieved knowing the kids have lots to keep them busy, even inside our limo! With a wide selection of videos, music, and on-board games, kids actually choose to stay inside while the grown-ups take care of business.

It is one of the few times parents can enjoy a nice ride without constant screams of “are we there yet?”

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