Why You Should Rent A Party Bus For Your Next Occasion

Woo hoo! Time to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with all of your friends? But what if you want to drink? Or what if there’s a large number of people trying to help you celebrate? Or what if parking is limited? Choose Vancouver Party Bus For Hire Services for quality limousine services in Vancouver with an affordable price tag.

That’s why you rent a party bus.In fact, party buses are the highlight of people’s nights when going to events. And we’re going to show you why you should renting a party bus for your next occasion.

Vancouver Party Bus For Hire

Great Reasons to Rent a Party Bus

In the end, it’s all about what you want. That’s why you’re renting a party bus.

So here’s what you’ll get when you rent a party bus:

  • You can invite anywhere from 10-50 passengers so you won’t feel like you have to pick and choose which friends or family can spend time with you.
  • Everyone is safe and legal. You definitely know you will get to where you’re going and come home safely.
  • A driver who knows the hottest spots in town. And they can show you the highlights if you’re in a new city.
  • Door-to-door service. Who doesn’t love knowing that they have to make no extra effort to have a great time that night?
  • Luxurious and yet still affordable. You pay an hourly rate for a party bus. You do not have to pay for gas or stops.
  • The mini bar won’t break your bank: While it will cost you extra, the prices are far more reasonable than you would find in a limo.
  • Your friends will be impressed: Why? Because you know how to throw a good party. You thought ahead. You have the funds. Basically, you have just shown how much you have your stuff together. And that’s cool.

Here are some great occasions where you should definitely rent a party bus:

Going to Prom Is the Perfect Time to Rent a Party Bus

Prom night is probably the biggest event for a high schooler.

So huge that many, many movies have been made about going to prom.

But what are the real incentives for choosing to rent a party bus?

  • You can rent a dry party bus. While the teenagers may not be happy with a dry party bus, their parents will be.
  • Cool laser lights
  • Amazing sound system
  • Driver is licensed and insured and unlike your teenagers has a lot more driving experience
  • Kids can all crowd into the same vehicle together
  • Kids will look super cool getting out of the vehicle at prom

Rent a Party Bus for Wine Tastings

Or a brewery tour.

Or distillery tour.

Basically, any tour involving alcoholic beverages is a great reason to rent a party bus.

Limo Rental

Here’s why you should rent a party bus for these fine tastings:

  • A reliable designated driver. Not “I’ll only have one and then I’ll stop” driver and not even a ” just let me have a sip” driver. This one is stone cold sober from start to finish.
  • All your friends can come. Who won’t want to jump on the party bus when you mention a boozy tour?
  • You can spread out. On the way home, you’ll probably feel a bit tired from all the booze. On a party bus, there’s plenty of space for a power nap on the way home!
  • They might even have a particular tour planned out. It’s not like wine tasting and brewery tours aren’t getting really popular. Check with your party bus company because they’ve probably already done the homework for you and you can just sit back, relax and drink.

Rent a Party Bus to Go Club Hopping

You want to paint the town red, do it properly and rent a party bus.

Here’s why:

  • You can bring all your friends. Club Hopping is way more fun when you’re surrounded by all your best friends.
  • No need to find a cab. At the end of the night, you’re tired and you want to go home. If you choose to take a cab, you might wait a long time before you find a cab. Especially if it rains. Renting a party bus means never having to wait.
  • Can continue the party. Speaking of waiting, say you have a list of clubs you want to hit up. A friend or two is having fun and lingers. You can go back to your party bus and still have fun listening to great music, having a cocktail and watching the amazing lights.

Vancouver Party Bus For Hire

And we’re not just talking about your wedding day, either.

Here’s how to use a party bus to make every step of your wedding amazing.

  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties. Great because everyone is together. You can open up gifts on the bus. You also have the ability to spend more time with the soon-to-be bride or groom.
  • Can play games on the party bus.
  • Can bring your guests safely to and from the wedding.
  • The bus departs at a certain time. Perfect for any groom or bridge with time management issues.

A Party Bus Is Great for Attending Events

An event can be anything.

Like going to the ballet.

Or to a football game.

Or even heading to a fundraiser.

Here’s how choosing to rent a party bus will make life easier and better when you’re planning on attending an event:

  • No need to get gas.
  • Can pick people up at multiple destinations.
  • Can then drop them off at multiple destinations.
  • No need to look for parking. Think of how much time and frustration you can save!
  • No need to pay high parking rates. In Vancouver, you can pay as much as $7 per hour or $32 for the day to park.
  • No fights with anyone over who the designated driver is.
  • Can easily help you transport any supplies you may need to bring.

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There are so many ways and reasons to rent a party bus.But peace of mind is our favorite. When planning your next trip, event or night out, let our expert team of drivers get you there…and back safely.

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