6 Luxury And Private Transportation Trends You Need To Know

Whether for a wedding, corporate event, or big celebration, private transportation sets the right mood. You’ll cruise in style to your destination and feel like a star.Limousines often offer free drinks, mood lighting, music, and sometimes even television services.Hire Best limousine service Vancouver Services for quality limousine services in Vancouver with an affordable price tag.

If you’re planning a big event that requires a limo, you may wonder about private transportation trends for 2017. After all, you want to be prepared before you schedule a limo service.Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We found six luxury and private transportation trends that you should look out for this year and into the future.

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1. Vehicles That Weigh Less Than Ever

Limousines are often large vehicles with room for dozens of people. Even though they’re designed to be streamlined, they have quite a bit of bulk. We have the best Chauffeurs with our quality limousine services.

That’s important in today’s environmentally-conscious society. The more a vehicle weighs, generally, the worse its fuel efficiency.Not only does that hurt the environment, but it hurts the consumer as well. You’ll have to gas up a bigger vehicle more frequently, which does your wallet no favors.

Fuel efficiency is something consumers consider when shopping for or renting a vehicle.Car manufacturers have responded, making vehicles with better fuel efficiency. One way they’re doing that is by shedding the bulk many vehicles carry. That makes this one of the biggest luxury and private transportation trends of this year.

By using growing technology like 3D printing, limos and other vehicles are now designed to weigh far less than ever. This is a concept known as lightweighting. Why is lightweighting so beneficial? These cars will have better fuel mileage, cost consumers less, and look more appealing.

2. Improved Electric Drivetrain

While more car manufacturers are carefully considering fuel efficiency, that’s not all there is to worry about.Air emissions are greenhouse gases. These are contributing to environmental issues such as global warming.Then there are the fossil fuels vehicles use. As you probably know, these fuels are finite resources. Once they’re gone, there’s no replacing them.

That’s where electric drivetrain comes in.Often found in hybrid cars, this is a power source for the vehicle. Most drivetrains can be space hogs. Electric drivetrains take up far less space.

Not only that, but these drivetrains feature regenerative braking and as much torque as you’d get from regular engines. That means you get both space and speed. What can be better?

Then there are the eco-friendly aspects of an electric drivetrain. There are no greenhouse gasses to stress about, as these emit none. They’re also less reliant on fossil fuels, preserving these precious resources.In the future, we expect electric drivetrain technology will become more commonly available. Drive-trains will also probably become even more energy-efficient. That will reduce drivers’ carbon footprints.

3. More Private Charter Jets

Of course, while driving is nice, so is flying. As commercial airlines continue to get a bad rap, more and more consumers are opting for flights that are a little more personalized.

According to New Flight Charters, last year, charter jet rentals were up by 8.4 percent. We can only imagine what the numbers for 2017 will look like.

It makes sense. Private charter jets are a luxury transportation option like no other.

You don’t have to worry about long lines at the airport. You don’t have to stress about losing your luggage since it should all fit on the jet. There are no screaming kids, kicking passengers, or rude seat mates.

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Instead, you can enjoy a quiet trip with a select few passengers of your choice.While private charter jets aren’t for everyone, these certainly do make a statement for a special event.

4. Improved Tech

Vehicle technology has improved rapidly over the past decade alone.Now, you can connect to your smartphone via your vehicle dashboard. You can make calls and send texts hands-free. Also, you can request directions and choose your music with a voice command.

Rear and front cameras make parking a breeze, even dreaded parallel parking. Automatic stop alerts keep you safe if your eyes stray from the road for a moment.

While these technology features are great, vehicle manufacturers aren’t stopping there. Vehicular technology advancements are one of the most noteworthy private transportation trends of the year.

Brands like AT&T are letting consumers connect to their cars more easily. Now, from your smartphone, you can download car updates.

In the future, the goal is to have entire fleets of vehicles that can be commanded from one person’s smartphone.

6 Luxury And Private Transportation Trends You Need To Know

5. Multi-Modal Networks Become More Common

What is a multi-modal network? Although it sounds technical, this is another of our most significant private transportation trends.

To put it simply, a multi-modal network collects personal data from those who use public transportation. This data may include a rider’s name, their schedule, and which days they use public transportation.

By syncing this info to a crowdsourcing database, it’s possible for train stations, vehicle rental companies, and other public transportation options to be more personalized.

Riders can use their smartphone or another mobile device to track which times their public transportation will be busiest. They can also schedule better times and means of transportation.

This saves time and opens up new means of traveling. The goal is to move this technology to all vehicles, including common cars and trucks.

At that point, drivers will be rerouted away from heavy traffic areas and learn of road closings and other spots to avoid. That means faster transportation for all.

6. And One of the Biggest Private Transportation Trends for 2017…Self-Driving Cars

From Google to Tesla, self-driving cars are on the rise. While the technology is still being improved, the end goal is to allow drivers to sit, navigate to their destination, and let the car drive for them.

Of course, drivers still need to keep their hands on the wheel, their foot on the pedal, and their eyes on the road. While this technology can alert you to impending dangers, as of now, it can’t avoid everything.

Self-driving cars may seem like an expensive luxury now. We predict within the next five years they’ll be more affordable and widespread.

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